Saturday, 28 February 2009

9th February Meeting

Areas that were discussed - Textile recycling from charity shops, Maggie has been doing some research into this area, she has also highlighted the plight of the Mayor's Charity shop which is earmarked for closure by the council in budget cuts.
We had a group discussion on waste minimisation - packaging and food waste, these ideas would be worked on to be used at the Green Fair on April 19th.
Peter has done research on allotments and land share schemes, a large number of people in Darlington are on a list for an allotment, we see an opportunity to work with the council to make sites available for people to grow their own food.
We spoke about the Foe national campaign on a Renewable Energy Revolution.

Next meeting will be expanding on the work carried out last meeting.

New members welcome.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Jims Book Sales

Jim has kindly offered to raise funds for our group by selling unwanted text books. He has been very successful and has so far managed to raise £51. The group is very grateful for all of his efforts. If any members have any books that may be of interest to jim please contact him via email.