Sunday, 24 May 2009

Market Stall

On Saturday 23rd May we had a market stall in Darlington. We were working on the new national campaign - Food chain.
The meat and dairy industry produces more climate changing emissions than all the planes, cars and lorries on the planet. There is a hidden chain that links animals in British factory farms to rainforest destruction in south America. We are asking the government to change this for more planet friendly farming. We asked people to show their support and sign postcards that we would send to our local MP. Together we will help to fix the food chain.

Film screening of Age of Stupid

Kendra and Sue attended Middlesbrough FoE group screening of The Age of Stupid on Friday 22nd May. This was a simultaneous screening showing in various locations throughout the UK and there was also live web chat afterwards. The film was very thought provoking and showed a number of events that have happened on the planet to show that we are heading towards a climate crash and the tipping point where it will be too late to do anything about the damage that we humans have inflicted on the planet is becoming critically closer.
Our group hopes to have a screening of this important film very soon. A worldwide launch and simultaneous screening will be happening in September which is possibly when we will have ours. More information will be posted once available

Friday, 22 May 2009

Market Stall

We are having a market stall on 23rd of May in the town centre, 9-4pm. Please come along to support our stall and help out if you can. We will be focusing on the new FoE Food Chain campaign. More information can be found about this campaign on the FoE website, click on the link above.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

May Meeting

We discussed how well the green fair stall was, and it was a great success. Our very large grow bag got a lot of interest and 25-30 people signed up to say that they were interested in the idea. The grow bag went to a worthy cause after we had finished with it, the 'Speaking-Up in Darlington Group' which is for Adults with learning disabilities.

Our group have been invited to have a stall at the community carnival in Stanhope Park in Darlington in June, more details of dates etc to follow.

Kendra is attending the Northern Gathering in Manchester this weekend.

We are going to have a stall on Saturday 23rd of May in Darlington town centre market, any members who can spare some time on the day are asked to come along and help out, the stall will be from 9am - 4pm. We will have the food chain campaign to promote at the market as well as other foe related material.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Green Fair

Here are some photos from our stall at the recent green fair in South Park, Darlington. The stall was a great success with food comparison shopping basket - locally bought vegetables from the indoor market compared with supermarket bought vegetables, the local basket had hardly any packaging (paper bag), was cheaper and had less food miles than that of the supermarket basket. We also highlighted growing food in large bags, the type that building materials come in. A lot of interest was generated in the possible scheme. We also had some photographs of bin bags out for collection and by explaining how people can minimises their waste this amount going to landfill can be reduced, a leaflet had been produced by the group to highlight waste minimisation tips and visitors were encouraged to leave us their tips and a prize was given to the most original idea. And we got some new members which was great.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

April Meeting

The green fair preparations were discussed.

Allotment group are having a meeting as part of an allotment steering group and a questionnaire is being drafted up to send out to people on the Darlington allotment waiting list.

Mary has created and printed a waste minimization leaflet which will be available for the green fair.

The Darlington FoE recruitment leaflet has been updated so that it includes our group of the year award and details of the blog and website.

We will have a market stall on Saturday 23rd of May.

The FoE Northern Gathering is in Manchester on 16th & 17th May, please let Kendra know if you would like to go.