Monday, 13 April 2009

March Meeting

At the March meeting the group discussed a number of issues.

The new Friends of the Earth campaign that the group agreed that we would focus on is about the Food Chain. This campaign is aimed at protecting biodiversity and reducing Co2 emissions from the production of soy based feeds for UK livestock. The campaign will aim to persuade the government to change the way how livestock is fed. More information can be found on the Foe website.

The Green Fair which is being held in South Park, Darlington on April 19th 12-4pm. Our group has got a stall at the fair, we will be raising issues such as waste minimization - food and packaging, showing how much rubbish families throw away and raising awareness of current Foe campaigns.

Possible Darlington allotment sites were discussed. A group have formed who will be working with the council to promote and show the need for more sites to be made available, especially in the current credit crunch where people would like to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Jim is continuing to sell books for our funds and has raised £57 so far.

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