Friday, 17 July 2009

June and July meetings

At the meeting in June we were joined by Rob from Middlesbrough FoE. We discussed renewable energy, in particular wind energy from wind turbines. A subgroup has been formed to get information about windfarms and wind energy.
The Allotment subgroup fed back to the main group about developments and a possible site for areas to grow vegetables in Darlington could be made available at the site of the former Patton and Baldwins site which could use the large grow bag idea. Some questionnaires have gone out to allotment holders and interested potential allotment holders.
The group had a stall at the community carnival in Stanhope park. The 'Get Serious' campaign was to be introduced and 100 postcards were signed for the 'Food Chain' Campaign. We also have some new recruits from the stall and we were joined by them at the July meeting.
In September we hope to hold a screening of the film 'Age of Stupid' and environmental film which has a very real and thought provoking story to tell about the way our planet is changing.
Jim has continued to raise our funds through the sale of secondhand books. These are on sale on our stalls.

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