Saturday, 17 October 2009

October Meeting

Items we talked about at our recent meeting.
Age of Stupid It is hoped the film will be shown in Middlesbrough, Redcar, Hartlepool, Stockton & Darlington. We are looking to put on a screening of this film in the last week of November.

Renewables Dawn is writing a report and when completed will send out to all. Dawn will pass on the original questions asked by the group to Steve to see if he can give us the answers.

Market Success Thanks to all who helped, we got a total of 151 Fix the Food Chain post cards, 50 signatures for the market on how they recycle, 20 Get Serious cards and book sales total £10.00. Mary, Kendra, Lou and James presented all the Food Chain cards to Alan Milburn. A photographer from the Northern Echo was there and it appeared in this week’s paper and can be seen on the Northern Echo blog.

Market Stall This Saturday 17th from 9.30 – 4.00 for the Get Serious campaign. Help is required to run the stall please can you contact Kendra to let her know if you can make it.

Allotment The day of the launch was very well attended and the mayor Jim Ruck planted a plum tree which had been donated by Robin Blair. After the successful launch of the site at Lingfield Point we had our first steering group meeting at the Dolphin centre which 7 of us attended. The charge for the site was set at £5 subscription and £1 per bag. We are continuing to look for local companies to come on board in support of the scheme.

Get Serious A letter that is being sent to Ada Burns, the letter explains why we are running the Get Serious campaign and how we make help the council reduce their CO2 emissions. Alan has also written 4 questions which we will ask at the next full council meeting.

Any Other Business We plan to have a revisit to the Wades recycling plant in the New Year to see how they are doing now it is up and running. We now have a copy of Sustainable Energy Without Hot Air by David JC MacKay, if you wish to borrow the book please contact Mary.

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